Rocky Student Literally Only Person At Spring Break Getaway

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By: David Fejeran –

Cancun, Mexico. Spring Break is that time of the year when students can leave their student persona behind, while not feeling the obligation to go home and listen to Grandpa’s political rants at the dinner table. Many college students take the opportunity to travel to distant lands where winter is but a myth and snow comes not from clouds but from street vendors who cover it in flavored syrups. For many people, one of these distant lands is Cancun.

Marie Redman is one of these many people. A Business major from South Carolina, Redman one day aspires to own her own fabric store right here in Billings. But these, of course, are long-term goals. Her short-term goals during Midterm Break involved soaking in some Vitamin D on nice, sandy beaches of Cancun, and taking advantage of some of the Spring Break specials at some of the foreign dives. Wanting to make Spring Break as fun as possible, she made sure to invite all her friends. There were two slight issues, however.

The first of these issues laid in the fact that of her friends at Rocky, none came with her to Cancun. Most headed back home to spend time with family or went to hang the week at their significant others’ homes. That being said, the second issue laid in the fact that most other colleges had Spring Break during actual springtime. All of her other friends that went to other schools were stuck in class while she was sipping on legal sangria. As a result, there were neither friends from Rocky nor friends from other schools at Redman’s alleged “party.” She invited nearly fifty people on Facebook to get together and share some fun, and nobody showed up. When asked about her plans being flopped, Redman stated, “It basically felt like ‘Green Lantern’ meets ‘The Lone Ranger.’ No matter who I invited, everybody seemed to be busy. I couldn’t win.”

While she couldn’t win, she certainly participated, and at least deserves an honorary mention ribbon, (if they have those for Spring Break).  parties. She bought a new swimsuit and a sleek swimsuit cover-up just for the occasion. While she didn’t have any friends to help rub sunscreen on her back, she ended up buying a cute hat that provided enough shade for protection while still soaking in some of that sun. She was able to cover every drink and appetizer on a single tab, and even got to drink literal coconut water. As a bonus, with the money she saved, she bought private surfing lessons, and plans to show off her skills to her friends when she gets the chance.

But unfortunately, Rocky’s misunderstanding of what Spring is prohibits her from doing so. While most of her friends from other schools are currently livin’ it up at the very spot she had her party for one, Redman is back at Rocky with her nose in the books. It’s not all bad, though. At least she got to rub Cancun in her friends’ pale, untanned faces while they were all back in school a few weeks ago. Plus, while it was snowing in Billings, she had some relaxing time on the beach. She may not have been with friends, but she made the most of what she had of her Spring Break Getaway.


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