Rocky Ups its Security

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Two emergency blue lights now reside on Rocky’s campus. photo by Brandon Keim

Two emergency blue lights now reside on Rocky’s campus.
photo by Brandon Keim

By: Nathan Wheeler –

Since the end of spring semester 2014, the Office of Campus Safety Programming has made small but important safety changes around campus. Jayme Green, director of campus safety programming, stated that the RMC staff “makes small changes and upgrades [to security] all the time.

“It’s a constant process, all for making a safer environment for students,” Green said. Changes to Rocky’s campus this summer included two new emergency blue light stations, additional cameras in parking lots, and new fire alarms in both the Anderson and Rimview dorms.

With the addition of the two emergency blue light stations, one near Anderson and Widenhouse dorms and the other near Rimview and Jorgenson dorms, the lives of students are “safer,” stated Green.

According to senior Danny Benzel, who is both student control supervisor and ASRMC president, the emergency blue light stations are a “deterrent for crime.” Once an emergency blue light is activated by the red button on the device, an “instantaneous dial to 911 and a massive bright light” illuminate the surrounding area until help arrives to the student in need, Benzel said.

Thanks to a student testing one of the emergency blue lights at the beginning of the semester, the RMC Campus Safety Office reported that the devices were fully functional. They “hope that [students] will never have to use the [devices], but if they do need to use them, they won’t let you down in the slightest,” said Benzel.

This summer, Rocky also installed more cameras in the Anderson/Widenhouse and Rimview/Jorgenson parking lots. According to Benzel, “covering more areas of safety” through the use of additional cameras “is a priority for the Campus Safety Office. We now have more coverage in parking lots.” The use of more than 30 cameras may help insure that people and their belongings stay safe on Rocky’s campus.

Fire alarms were also updated this summer in the Anderson and Rimview dorms. Some dorm students in the past said that the fire alarms in both of these dorms were too quiet to be effective. “Due to the fire alarms not being loud enough, the RAs in both Anderson and Rimview had to go around to each room to get people outside per fire code,” said Benzel.

Overly quiet fire alarms are no longer an issue or a hazard to the students that live in these dorms. Transfer student Karen Wray from Northern Ireland stated that she “feels safer on campus and in the dorms now” with the added security.

In terms of policy, “nothing big has changed for the Campus Safety Office,” stated Green. Instead, little things have been added and altered in order to insure the safety of all of Rocky’s students.

According to Benzel, “all of our systems are proactive rather than reactive.” Along with the added security, “everyone else is looking out for each other” he said.

Green, of the Campus Safety Office in Bair Family Student Center, wants to let all Rocky students know that they can come to the CSO for help at any time with safety issues or other concerns.

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