Rocky’s Theatre Arts Department Presents: “How to Survive an Apocalypse” By Rosalyn Visser Of the Summit Staff

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Four Rocky Mountain College students have been hard at work since mid-September— rehearsing for their upcoming show “How to Survive an Apocalypse.” This play, written by Jordan Hall, was published in 2018. The production follows a well-off married couple. The couple eventually begins to believe their lifestyle is falling apart, and in their panic, the two start to prepare for “the end.”
Director Jayme Green said the show’s title may be misleading. He stated “It is not necessarily what you think it is about, there are no zombies. My apologies to anyone who wants a zombie show. It is not that. It’s about living life and facing the choices you make within life.”
Green continued to explain: “We sometimes take things too far. The show deals with a circumstance or something new that is introduced to our lives that changes the whole aspect of your life, which then becomes ‘the apocalypse.’ It ends everything and starts something new.”
With a relatable message, humor, romance, and some tragedy, “How to Survive the Apocalypse” is a great show with a bit of something for everyone.
Professor Green discussed the ability performers have to tell a story and touch people’s lives, affecting them in a way that rarely happens otherwise. Green explains that the beauty of theatre is that each audience member gets to take away what they want or need from the performance.
He said as an actor “You really get to reach out to everyone. And everyone in their own experience gets to interpret that show in their way… It may start a conversation between a couple of people. Or maybe give someone a laugh they needed for the day.”
This cast is full of Rocky’s own actors. Two of the cast members are theatre majors performing their first show with Rocky, and the other two are relatively new to acting.
The show’s cast includes:
Jen—Mariah Cathey
Tim—Jim Evans
Bruce—Zarius McGowan
Abby—Abigail Peterson
Come to support these Rocky students and enjoy a good show! They will be performing at Billings Studio Theatre, which is just off of the Tyler Hall parking lot. The play is scheduled for October 29 and 30 and then November 3, 4, 5, and 6. All showings will be at 7:30 p.m. There is no admission fee, and the whole Billings community is welcome! They will be accepting donations and Green said “If you can throw money in the bin, cool. If you can’t also cool. Just come and enjoy the show!”

The cast from left to right: Jim Evans, Zarius McGowan, Mariah Cathey, Abigail Peterson

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