Secrets of RMC: The Library

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Photo by Shadya Jarecke

Photo by Shadya Jarecke

By: Shadya Jarecke –

The library may be the best kept secret on campus. Yes, this is a promotional article about the RMC library – did I mention we have free coffee? The library is not only filled with books, but also fun reads and current magazines like Entertainment, People, Sports Illustrated, and The Economist. Besides this, the library has a variety of DVDs, blurays, and CDs that are available to check out.

Bobbi Otte, Library Director, stated, “The best kept secret of the library would probably be all the equipment we have available to students to checkout.” This equipment not only includes projectors and screens, but also laptops, iPads, Kindles, calculators, headphones, cords, and so much more. The equipment can be checked out for both educational and leisure purposes.

Contrary to popular belief, the library is not a whisper-only zone. People are allowed to talk, hang out, and study upstairs, while those who need more peace and quiet are able to go downstairs. Too hungry to study? Food is also allowed in the library. Feel free to order that pizza or Jimmy John’s in the middle of a late study session. Also, feel free to order that extra cookie or sodapop for your helpful librarian.

Another fun fact is that the library contains a digitized archive of all RMC yearbooks, dating back to 1910. This is a great tool for Rocky alumni or students who have to research past years at Rocky. The RMC library has over 20 computers and free printing. An added bonus to visiting the library is that the wifi there is one of the best hot spots on campus.

With finals approaching quickly, your on-campus library is a great resource. The library will be open until midnight during finals week. Also during finals’ week there will be treats, such as hot chocolate and cookies, provided in the evenings to students. So come in today and enjoy that free cup o’ joe, and a fabulous time at your campus library.


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