Six Steps to Having Thanksgiving in the Dorms

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By Tessa Fraser –

  1.      Have a cooler.

This is very important when you’re living in a suite in Rimview and all three of your other roommates all want to help and make pies at the exact same time.

  1.      Plan things so that foods you can reheat are cooked first, like sweet potatoes or mash potatoes.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to have to help cook all the small things all at once. This is especially true if you also have a mountain of dishes in the sink and you suddenly discover that the selected meat for the meal isn’t cooking. Also remember to add more cream when reheating things like potatoes. No one likes a dry spud, after all.

  1.      Do the dishes as soon as they are dirty.

Thanksgiving is the holiday filled with home cooked meals and wonderful family arguments. It can also create so many dishes that it takes two weeks to wash all of them in the dorm room sink. So just do the dishes as they become dirty and maybe even you can survive the holiday without creating a ‘dishes monster’.

  1.      Make pies the day before.

Awe pie! The best and most stressful part of Thanksgiving. While everyone loves a good slice of pie after their long day of eating and drinking themselves sick, no one wants to be the person putting the apple pie together while also trying to stay out of the way of the person checking the underdone turkey for the tenth time. It’s also never any fun to have to compete with the turkey for oven space. So take my advice, make and cook the pies the day before.

  1.   Make sure you have bought EVERYTHING you need beforehand.

This seems like the simplest idea in the world. However, one would be surprised to know that most stores are not open on Thanksgiving. The ones that are staffed by people either pissed that they are losing time with their families or happy that they work for a company that is willing to spend time paying employees time and a half to stand there and do their job. This being said, let’s start the trend of having everything we need for our Thanksgivings and make it so these businesses save some money and so that these people can be home with their own dysfunctional families.

  1.      Make sure the guest list is not too large to fit in the dorm room or too big to cook for.

This can happen very easily. Some students can’t go home for Thanksgiving, so invite them to yours because everyone deserves a good meal on the only holiday where we can all eat like pigs. This is great and noble idea, but when you acquire eight of these students, one starts to run out of space in the dorm room for anyone to sit anywhere, let alone cook anything and have enough food to feed all of those people.

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