Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your Professor Say Before Finals

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By “A Concerned Student” –

  1. “Did I give you an assignment last time?” The main reason this brings chills to a student is the fact that everybody in the class will say, no, no you didn’t, except for that one student who will inevitably shout, “Yes you did” while the rest of the class plots their death.
  2. “Dead week isn’t a thing anymore.” Dead week is still a thing for all of us students who are trying to cram before our finals. Dead week just isn’t a thing for all the professors who don’t have souls anymore.
  3. “You have an F.” This one doesn’t need explaining. This sentence is the bane of many people’s existence and will send shivers down your spine.
  4. “Your final is cumulative.” Sh**t! This is the thought that comes to mind when I hear this. You mean we are going to have to remember everything from the beginning of the semester? I can’t even remember Monday’s lecture.
  5. “You did this in high school.” When you are drawing a total blank and hear a professor say something like this, you know it is going to be rough. Whenever a professor has had to tell me I have done this in high school, I do not remember any part of what they are trying to teach me.
  6. “You should consider switching majors.” This is a very good sign your final is not going to end well. Usually your professor has the right idea and you should take their advice.

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