Slapshots Score a Goal with RMC

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photo by Brandon Keim

photo by Brandon Keim

By Richard Leeds –

It is no secret that Rocky Mountain College has an abundance of clubs to keep its students occupied. Yet, until recently, hockey was one ac- tivity that was missing from the roster. RMC officially gained a club that fills that void in the fall of 2014: the Rocky Slapshots.

“A lot of people like hockey, but there is no one to play it with,” said Cliff Benner, a freshman at RMC and founding member of the Rocky Slap- shots. “We can get people in, and discover new people,” said Benner, adding that they can have fun talking about they hockey they play.

The Slapshots, who meet twice a week, play games of different types, depending on what the weather and attendance will allow. These meetings usually consist of pick-up games in which they play to a pre-determined score. Benner described these games as, “just a good time. No hitting, no hard shots, just easy play.” This sort of atmosphere is ideal for both students who have played hockey for a good portion of their lives, and also for those who are looking to pick up a new hobby.

While the Slapshots do play games at their meetings, they also participate in raising funds for the club. Hockey can become an ex- pensive sport to take part in, as there is quite a bit of equipment needed to play properly. Slapshots wishes to someday be able to help outfit any would-be-players with all the equip- ment needed, including things as basic as sticks, gloves, and pucks.

Benner has high hopes for the future of the Rocky Slapshots. “We want to get enough people to have our own little hockey game at the ice rink some time,” he said when asked about the future of the club. They would also like to look into the possibility of hosting skate nights, and maybe even joining with the local Billings hockey league and forming a team from the members of the Slapshots. There are even talks about trying to set up some nights of friendly competition with MSU-B students.

The Rocky Slapshots have a great deal to offer the students of RMC. Whether you are looking to keep in shape with a new activity, relish in your love of hockey, or just make some new friends, the Slapshots may just be the place for you.


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