Smart Apps for a Dumb Writer

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By Richard Leeds – 11_17_14.-029 11_17_14.-032 11_17_14.-031

Smartphones are simply one of the greatest achievements of modern technology. With them, one can check their email, write an essay for class, check all their social media, take a picture, be entertained by a multitude of games, and (if you still have some battery life) make phone calls. This is a list I like to call “Richard’s List of 5 Smartphone Apps That Are Crucial to Have – or Are Just Really Cool and Interesting”. Admittedly it’s not a great title, but you get what I pay for, and with all of these apps being free, you can’t argue with the price!

1) Songza- For me music is the most important part of my day. This is why I am excited to have discovered Songza. Along with picking from several genres, this music-streaming app also lets you pick you music based on your mood and activity. It even has a concierge to suggest play- lists based on time of day and what you have going on at the time. And with just about every genre offered, this app can be enjoyed by any and all who listen to music! (Plus it’s commercial free!)

2) Flipboard- With Flipboard,college students have no excuse to be uninformed about what’s going on in the world. This app allows you to look through news articles on any subjects that interest you. Whether that is video games, celebrity gossip, or world news, Flipboard has you covered. Once you’ve picked your subjects, it gathers a collection of stories from many sources across the internet. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected to the world.

3) Internet Movie Database (IMDB)- Have you have ever found yourself watching a movie or TV show suddenly started wondering, “Where have I seen that actor before?” Then you could benefit from this app. For those who do not know of the parent website, IMDB is a collection of information about various movies and TV shows which includes cast, crew, and often trivia. Having this website in app form has been of help to me in many a trivia grudge match.

4) Facebook/Messenger- Keeping in contact with friends and acquaintances has never been easier. Now you don’t even need to have their phone number: just their name. With that you can find their Facebook page, see what they’re up to, and send them messages. Whether it’s just to say hi or ask for help with whatever troubles you, Facebook on your phone and the Messenger app makes doing so easier than ever.

5) Flashlight- I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Make sure there is some sort of flashlight on your phone. You will need it. Trust me.

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