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Issue_2_10_6_15-023Q&A by Kyra Hudson –

From: Florence, Montana Year: First year
Major: Undeclared
Sport: Battlin’ Bears Football

Why did you choose to come to Rocky?

I chose Rocky because I wanted to have a small transition from one small school to another small school. I like the one-on-one teaching you get at Rocky.

What do you like about Rocky Football?

I like the brotherhood values that come with football.

What’s your position?

I’m a defensive end, but I’m a redshirt* this year so I only practice, but I still get four years to play. *A redshirt means the player practices with the team but does not play

What are you majoring in and why?

I am undeclared at the moment. So far I’m looking to get my generals out of the way.

How did you get started in football and when?

I decided to play football my junior year of high school and I caught on to it pretty fast.

Have you played multiple positions? If so, what’s your favorite?

Coming from a small school, I played a lot of positions including de fensive end, nose guard, offensive tackle, offensive guard and tight end.

Have you had any (major) injuries during your football career?

I’ve never had any injuries in football.

What’s your favorite class?

Psychology because Ambrin Masood is a hilarious and great professor.

What are some interests, likes, and dislikes?

I like to mountain bike and hike. I did a lot of that back home. A dislike of mine would be waking up for class because I’m like most normal people and hate mornings.

What is your Spirit Animal?

My Spirit Animal in the wolf, no doubt.

If you could have any superpower,what would you want?

I would want the ability to read minds.


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