Stepping into College

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By: Sadie Michael –

College is often a time of major change, and making transitions to find success and happiness is not always easy. But like many campuses, Rocky offers a variety of resources to assist in freshmen acclimation to college life. One resource is the people already familiar with campus. Faculty, staff and upperclassmen know the school and are usually willing to help with any problems that are typical for students undertaking that first year. Usually, all one needs to do is ask.

ASRMC, the RMC student government, can help students create opportunities for themselves and their classmates. President and senior student Danny Benzel believes that ASRMC is a campus resources that is not taken advantage of by students. He stressed that situations on campus can be changed and that like most things, change just takes involvement. “You have to have the drive, but as long as you have it your dreams could come true,” he said. Getting the most out of your college years could depend on stepping outside
your comfort zone and trying to make an adjustment rather than chilling in your dorm with take-out food and Netflix.

When asked about his own freshman experience, Benzel replied, “I came in with a new slate and wanted to be that active student involved with the campus, because that wasn’t who I was in high school.” College is one of those rare times when everyone starts fresh, and there are plenty of opportunities to be whoever you want.

From intramurals to the debate team, everyone can find a place to belong and start building lifelong friendships. These connections can also speed up the process of going from a high school mindset to a college one. Dodie Rife, who works at the information desk in the Fortin Education Center, says her best advice for the class of 2018 is to get involved. She emphasized the importance of finding new support groups, of getting to know others and yourself as a way to adjust to college and feel comfortable amid the many changes freshmen encounter. It can take time to reach that point, but building relationships and staying engaged in campus life can make success easier. Dodie also encouraged students to get out and exercise, and Fortin offers many opportunities to do just that.

Among the clubs and social groups on campus that support students are numerous academic resources. The Writing Center, for example, gives students the chance to work with upperclassmen to develop their writing. Resources like this exist throughout campus and are made possible by staff and students alike. When asked what he believed to be the most valuable resource at Rocky, Benzel answered simply in a fashion true to his position: “the students.”

The people on campus are a valuable tool, he said. They help each other learn, grow, and succeed. Take advice, he said, and do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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