Student Spotlight

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Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-078By Kyra Hudson –


From: Billings, Montana

Year:  Sophomore

Major: Biology

Sport/hobby: Lifting

Why did you choose to come to Rocky?

It has one of the best Biology programs around and I had also picked it so I could play football.

What kind of music do you like?

Music depends on what I’m doing. Lifting is all rap and some lighter metal. Just regularly I go between rap, alternative, and even some Spanish. And I usually throw a little piano in right when I go to sleep.

What are you majoring in and why?

I am majoring in biology because it’s interesting to learn how living things function and work together. And it’s the degree I need for medical school. The body and fixing it just interests me so much. Plus, I’ve had a few surgeries myself, so I just want to help others like me in my life.

Do you have any future plans?

I plan on attending medical school after Rocky to pursue being an orthopedic surgeon.

What’s your favorite class?

Anything that’s not Chemistry.

What are some interests, likes, and dislikes?

If I’m not at home, work, or school, I’m lifting. Otherwise, I’m pretty boring. The last time I hung out with friends we only played FIFA.

What is your Spirit Animal?

A squatch.

Who would you let punch you directly in the face?

Ronda Rousey. Just so I could say I met her.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how intolerable do you find baby pictures on Facebook?  (1 being intolerable).

A ten. Who doesn’t enjoy a cute baby every now and then?

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever unintentionally vomited? Please Explain.

I haven’t puked since I was a baby. I never get sick.

Highly important: What do you think cats dream about?

Probably taking over the world and how stupid dogs and humans are.

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