Student Spotlight

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Issue_4_11_3_2015_for_rea-060Q&A By Kyra Hudson –

Name: David Jurovich

From: Pocatello, Idaho

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Sport/hobby: Head Male Cheerleader

Why did you choose to come to Rocky? I came to Rocky because it is a great school, and it also runs in the family. My parents both went here and enjoyed it.

What kind of music do you like? I like to listen to most types of music, but tend to stay away from folk and alternative.

What are you majoring in and why? I’m majoring in Biology with a minor in Organic Chemistry because it is the path that leads to medical/pharmaceutical school! I plan to work in a pharmacy and own my own business someday.

What were you for Halloween? I was Bane from Batman!

Tell us about your sport!  It’s pretty cool. I’m a thrower, so I’m the one that throws the girls in their stunts. I’m on a scholarship to cheer as well. And we are still recruiting!

Do you have any future plans? I plan to go on to pharmacy school at Idaho State University and get my PhD.

What’s your favorite class? My favorite class is Chemistry, because it hasn’t gotten hard yet.

Issue_4_11_3_2015_for_rea-061What are some interests, likes, and dislikes? I like working out, fly fishing, hiking, camping, I also enjoy soccer and Netflix. Netflix n’ chill, more specifically.

What is your Spirit Animal? The Bear.

Would you rather have mittens made of kittens or be a kitten wearing mittens? I would say I would rather be a kitten wearing mittens because the alternative is rather horrifying.

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