Students, Faculty Awaiting the Unveiling of New Library Learning Center

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By Kobi Hudson –

For many students, the Rocky Mountain College Library is home to nightly studying, tutoring, and researching. Students will be pleased to learn that the RMC administration is currently planning to build a new learning center in the library. According to Hannah Micona, the Assistant Director of the library, this learning center will be located on the main level of the library where periodicals are and Tuesday and Thursday tutoring sessions occur now. Micona also explained that this new learning center will house the RMC Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and have a section with tables for informal study groups. Issue_2_10_6_15-018

The idea for this learning center originated from Academic Vice President Steve Germic and President Bob Wilmouth, explained Micona. There are hopes for this project to be completed in January, just in time for students to use the area in the spring semester. The facility is half funded with a grant from the Alberta-Bair Family Trust; the other half is funded from within RMC.

“This will be really good for the library and the students,” stated Micona.

There are three proposed names for this new learning center. According to a survey taken by 76 RMC students, “Academic Resource Center” is the top choice so far. Other possible options are, Learning Support Center, and RMC Learning Commons. The survey also revealed that, out of the listed student learning resources, the two most used by students are theWriting Center and Drop-in Tutoring. With both of these planning to be housed in the new learning center, it looks like students will get a lot of use out of this new facility. The survey also showed that about 90% of the students who took this survey do their studying from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., introducing a possible change in the learning center’s hours of operation.

AVP Germic wants this learning center to be a centralized location for tutoring. In a discussion, Germic said that the current set of academic services for students, such as the writing center and drop in tutoring, is “too spread out.” Germic stated he wanted this new learning center to be the “center of academic culture at RMC.” Germic describes this space as not only being one that students go to for learning, but a place they might consider for social events. The learning center is part of the the institutions plan to increase the quality and quantity of RMC’s academic support.

This space will also hold seminar-sized classrooms and meeting rooms. It will also hold a lot of technology, added Germic.

At the time of this writing the learning center was currently being bid on by contractors. Germic said that they hope to break ground on this project in October. With library under construction, Germic stated that they plan to make sure to have other spaces available to accommodate the students.

“I am extremely excited to enhance the academic opportunity for all RMC students.” concluded Germic.


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