Study Tips and Tricks for Surviving College

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By Abby Kernahan –

With midterms almost upon us, students are starting to feel the stress of college tests, and probably feel like their brains are going to melt. According to first year student Lily Kraft, “Too much studying can really make a person go nuts and not sleep for days.” It always seems to be bad when you have a test coming up and then you freak out and study the night before for seven hours straight. Not healthy. A Utah State University Study has recently revealed that students should only study a maximum of two hours a night if they have more than two tests that week.

Your brain has a tendency to know when enough is enough, so it just shuts down and does not even want to think. Many students might have experienced this during their college career. Interestingly enough, students from different colleges across the country, such as Cornell University and Indiana University, have expressed that high school does not properly prepare students for the real exams and study time you need in college. So what can be done to make studying a little less painful?

-Write down a schedule for your time to study during the week, so that way you don’t ever forget about it.

-Take short 10 to 15 minute breaks if you plan on studying for more han two hours, or if you plan on studying more than one subject.

-Find the study method that works for you. There are tons of different ways to study, such as making flash cards or forming a study group with different kids in your class. You can even set a time to study every other night with your roommate.

-Stop by the campus library – they have tutors that come in during the week to help kids who are struggling in class.

-Get a day planner at your school shop (they tend to range from may- be three to five bucks). The day planner gives you the chance to write down any homework you have or any exams coming up in the next couple of weeks. Buying the day planner was one of the best ideas I have ever had. Now I never forget about homework or all of the exams I have to take this month.

-Finally, if you’re having trouble in classes don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for some help or extra tips.

-There are about a billion more ways to make studying easier for your- self so that you’re not ready to pull your hair out of head by the time that Friday hits.

-Too much studying isn’t a bad thing, Just plan ahead and watch how much time you use. Also stay away from the energy drinks, and have lots of water!

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