Lack of Tobacco Free Policy hurts RMC students, violates their rights to breathe clean air, column by Alicia Bravo

When a prospective student visits Rocky Mountain College, their first thought is not, “I wonder if this is a tobacco friendly school.” One assumes that RMC is tobacco-free because… well, it is 2016. When I found out that RMC was not a tobacco-free campus, I was appalled. Although I have no judgment on those who[…]

Tobacco-Free RMC

A “Smoke Free RMC” disregards individual freedom, personal choice, column by Molly Davis, photo by Michaela Shifley

Rocky Mountain College is experiencing a huge push towards a tobacco free campus. However, the educational material I’ve seen on this issue unfortunately only presents one side. The main question is if we, as a college, should be limiting the legal right of a student to smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco. I would like[…]