The App Review: Yik Yak

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By: Shadya Jarecke – 11_17_14.-024

Yik Yak is taking college students by storm. Created in 2013, this free app allows both Android and iOS users to post anonymously to a wall and reveal every juicy secret, comical remark, or random thought that comes to mind. Specifically made for college students, the app recently made its appearance in Montana and on our very own RMC campus.This app provides an anonymous platform for people to “yik yak” about whatever they choose. The app permits users, or “yakers,” to create their yak post and then determines the user location. Then, Yik Yak produces a wall of anonymous posts by yakers in a 1.5 mile radius. Yaks posted by Rocky students can also be seen by MSUB students, as well as the surrounding public, local police departments, and anyone else with access to the app.

One feature of the app includes the ability to upvote or downvote a yak once it has been posted. Similar to Reddit, people have the ability to show their dislike for someone’s post, while remaining completely anonymous. The app also allows yakers to comment on one anothers yaks without revealing their identities.

Another feature of the app is “Peek,” which allows users to take a look at the thoughts, otherwise unspoken comments, secrets, and ideas of students attending other colleges and universities all around the world, such as Arizona State University, San Diego State University, and the University of Montana. There is a little bit of everything to suit just about anyone’s taste in humor. Yik Yak will additionally highlight themed postings such as Hogwarts, Walking Dead Survival Guide, or Yik Yak Dating Tips. Here are just a few examples of what to expect.

Rocky Mountain College: “I’m not sure which is falling more quickly, my GPA or bank account.”

San Diego State University: “Saw a girl on campus today, she was a 10… on a pH scale. #basic”

Georgia Tech: “Harry Potter failed Snape’s class and still succeeded in being the Chosen One. I will be okay.”

University of Notre Dame: “Mom: Got any A’s this semester? Me: Go fish”

Although yaks might seem completely humorous and innocent, Yik Yak has stirred up some controversy in the last couple months. Some believe it is a possibly unnecessary social media platform, as the app allows users to post yaks anonymously that may be insensitive or crude. However, the app also provides a space for users to anonymously post what they feel or think in an open social media community without concern of risking private information.

So, if looking for a good laugh or some very relatable thoughts, Yik Yak might just be the app to install. Make sure to look over the rules, if used inappropriately (whether being crude or privacy violation), users will be banned. Happy yaking!

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