The Benefits of RMC’s Services for Academic Success, Editorial by Jocelyn Anderson

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Rocky Mountain College prides itself on providing programs that lead to unique opportunities for students. One particular program that stands out from the rest is Services for Academic Success, commonly known as SAS. This program plays an outstanding role on Rocky’s campus by granting resources for many students. These include cultural vouchers, scholarships, workshops, and tutoring to name a few.  

SASFor any U.S. citizen student, who is a first-generation college student, from a low-income family, or has a physical, learning, or emotional disability, SAS provides services that allows these students to immerse themselves within Rocky’s culture and the Billings community.

Currently, 59 percent of RMC students meet the requirements for the SAS program, yet many students who qualify and could utilize such a friendly and open-minded place do not.

The SAS advisors welcome everyone with smiling faces almost instantly. They are there if students need someone to talk to and help students overcome obstacles in their way, whether academic or otherwise.

SAS Director Mary Reiter stated, “SAS provides skills, support, and encouragement to help students complete college. Every spring, when we celebrate the graduation of our SAS students, it is a proud moment in the students’ lives. Not only do our retention rates continue to improve, but more importantly these students are achieving a life goal, with many being the first in their family to graduate.”

Reiter, as well as the other staff members, are all about the students. They want to see RMC students achieve their goals and walk across that stage every spring to receive their degrees.

Academic specialists are available at the SAS office, located in the Fortin Education Center, to help with a wide variety of student needs. These specialists aid students with studying skills, tutoring in all subjects, academic counseling, and advocating for students with physical and learning disabilities.

In addition, SAS provides opportunities for its members to attend cultural events. Some of these include attending plays at Billings Studio Theater (BST), the Downtown Art Walk, the Billings Symphony, a tour of Moss Mansion, and many other events the community has to offer.

Each student-member of this program receives $50 in vouchers per semester to utilize for these cultural occasions. It is always great to see SAS members attend an event or two together with a few of the advisors from this program. It is such a fun and safe environment that the students and advisors seemingly always end up with big smiles on their faces.

Additionally, exclusive scholarships are available to SAS students as well. It is no secret that college is expensive, and this program is here to help with that. The application processes are easy to understand and are distributed in advance for the members to take their time to complete. This allows students to have a chance to win scholarships, which can go a long way to lift a heavy burden off their shoulders.

Ultimately, this program is limited to only 250 participants. If you are one of those 250 students, please utilize SAS as much as you need and as often as possible. Like many of the other faculty and staff on campus, the advisors at SAS are there to help you succeed, push you towards academic and personal growth, and help make this thing called college a little bit easier to conquer.

For students apart of the SAS program, please feel free to reach out to Mary Reiter and the rest of the staff in Fortin Education Center, reach out to them on their email at, or call them at 800-877-6259.

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