The meaningful relationship between God and baseball, editorial by Zach Sharpe

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I am Zack Sharp, a graduating senior here at Rocky Mountain College, and after graduating this coming May I will be going on an 11-month, 11-country mission trip called The World Race. As part of the mission trip experience, I am required to not only fundraise but keep up with a blog. This article is my blog post from March 28, the day before Opening Day of Baseball. If you would like to know more about my mission trip or get more information about what I will be doing, please come talk to me or go to my blog

If you know me, you know I am a huge baseball fan. This love I have sometimes overshadows other things and I see so much of God in baseball that in 2015 I tried to analyze the postseason. I came up with 17 pages of analysis and summary.

The last paragraph of this essay is one that sums up my connection and helps me communicate what I see in the game. I want to bring you in on that, so you understand me more as I continue to discover God in baseball.

6878698799_f304fcbd56_zGod has very little to do with outcomes of baseball games but instead the essence in which you look at baseball. You can see parallels all over the place, for instance all the comebacks by Kansas City were miracles like Jesus did in the Bible. Religion and sports are all about having faith in your team. Clearly evident in baseball because of how many games they play.

Baseball plays 162 regular season games in 183 days. When you play that many games in a season, you have ups and downs. You can lose hope in anything. My definition of hope is trusting in what you do not understand or see. I believe this is a statement that can be related to all sports but baseball in particular because they play so many games. One can go through rough patches and disbelief and still find hope because there is always a tomorrow in baseball, that is until there isn’t one.

Life will eventually end for all of us and it’s where we put our faith, trust, and hope that will determine where we go when our tomorrows run out. Will we end up with God because we have rooted our faith in him and live forever much like the World Series heroes have done? Or will we root our faith elsewhere and see where we end up? Understanding is irrelevant when it comes to the cross and what Jesus did for us there. Just like sports are irrelevant when we die. We don’t have to understand everything we just have to understand what it means for us.

There are far too many parallels to Christianity for me to find in baseball but it does one thing for me. It helps my relationship with God grow when I look past the game and try to understand it more.

A lot of this comes from trying to understand and communicate what I see in baseball. So it is Opening Day on Thursday and for the first time in my life I will only get 2/3 of a baseball season and I wonder who will win the World Series. I hope it is my Dodgers but you never know.

My testimony and baseball are so intertwined that it would only make sense that the Dodgers win the World Series for the first time in my lifetime the year I am gone serving the Lord. I know that God has very little to do with baseball outcomes, but he uses everything in this world to show himself to his people. My bet is that God will use this baseball season to teach me in ways I do not know at this point. I look forward to the day not when I celebrate a World Series for the Dodgers, but the day I see Jesus and he welcomes me to Heaven.

God has used baseball and continues to use baseball in my life so I will draw close to him. I will leave it all behind in August and I look forward to it because I want God’s best for me and so I miss 1/3 of the 2018 baseball season and 1/2 of the 2019 baseball season for God and that is great and I love it. I bet the Dodgers win the 2018 World Series and God uses that in people’s lives.

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