The RMC football season comes to an end

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“by Megan Logan”

At the conclusion of the 2018 football season, the Rocky Mountain College Battlin’ Bears were Frontier Conference champions and were going off to play in the NAIA playoff games.

The team’s conference record at the conclusion of last year’s season was 7-3; this year, at the time of this article’s release, the conference record for the Battlin’ Bears is 3-5.

Despite this year’s low record, a plethora of fans still attend the home games, filling a majority of the home bleachers and occupying most of the grass space. These actions show that people will stand by the Bears through thick and thin. The energy at the beginning of every home game is incredibly positive, from both the fans and the team. However, that energy tends to waver the moment the team starts to fall behind.

Rocky’s most recent home game against the Carroll College Fighting Saints resulted in a Rocky loss of 17-51. The Battlin’ Bears scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter with Kamden Brown connecting with Lucas Overton. The crowd and the team went wild, and both went crazy when Allen Williamson rushed past the Carroll defense for a 20-yard touchdown. Rocky’s lead continued throughout the first quarter.

When Carroll took the lead in the second quarter, the Saints were only up by three points with the scoreboard reading 17-20. With the change in lead, it wasn’t hard to see the Bears’ energy go down. As Carroll continued to score, Rocky’s energy on the sidelines diminished.

Our team usually comes back to the field after half- time with another burst of enthusiasm and adrenaline, but it wasn’t there this time.

The football team needs to play with the mantra, “play every game like it’s your last” in their minds. This mantra means that you give every game your all because you never know when something could happen that ends your season or career. It might not seem like much, but you play how you feel. With only a few more games left in the 2019 season, it’s pertinent that the team plays every game like it’s their last.

The “rivalry” game ended with the Carroll College Saints taking the win with a score of 14-51. This last weekend, the Battlin’ Bears took on Eastern Oregon University on Rocky’s own field.

For this game I was on the sideline with the team the majority of the time, both for taking pictures and to get a better understanding of the team’s energy.

The energy I experienced on the sideline was a complete 180 from what I witnessed during the Carroll game.

When I was in the stands, the enthusiasm and energy was felt up in the stands by fans.

When Rocky scored, the players’ and coaches’ energy was what I had been missing in the Carroll game.

Despite Eastern Oregon taking the lead, the Battlin’ Bears kept fighting on and it showed. The score went back and forth between the two teams throughout the second and third quarters; each time the lead was only one point. Eastern Ore- gon’s lead grew to 24 in the fourth quarter following a touchdown and two-point conversion.

The players on the sideline continued to encourage their teammates and stay loud throughout the remainder of the game.

It was a completely different experience from when I watched the Carroll game, when it felt like the team threw in the towel after losing the lead. This game felt more like it was being played as their last game, and maybe that’s partly because for our seniors it was their last home game.

The season is coming to an end with the last regular season game having been played Nov. 16 against Montana Tech.

So thank you to our Bears for another season of football, another season of cheering you on. Seniors, pass on what you’ve learned to the players returning next year. Next year’s players, play every game like it’s your last.


Kamden Brown runs the ball during the last home game. Photo by Megan Logan.

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