Three Ways to Handle Homesickness

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RMCS_4_21_ALL-028By Shadya Jarecke –

Many students experience homesickness while attending college, especially as freshman. It is important to remember that home- sickness is normal and you are not alone. It is brought on by the changing of environments. Homesickness typically lasts from one to three months. While those few months can be difficult, here are three ways to help handle this problem:

1. Stay Busy

Staying busy is one of the top ways to help home- sickness. Get involved on campus! The friends you meet on campus will become your RMC family. Go to some of the many football, basketball, soccer, or vol- leyball games. Our football team is undefeated and our volleyball team is in the top five of their conference. Games are a great way to meet other people at Rocky who may not be in your classes or in your hall.

Although Rocky is a small school, there is a plethora of clubs and activ- ities to join. Here are a few to look into.

-Debate Team (contact:
-Outdoor Recreation (contact: -Enactus, a business club (contact: -Rocktivities (contact:
-Spiritual Life (contact:
-The Summit Newspaper (contact: -Psychology Club (contact:

2. Stay Active

Everyone has heard of the freshman fifteen. Staying active can help avoid the extra pounds that come along with unlimited meal plans, but more importantly, staying active releases endorphins which reduce stress and increases positive feelings. The Fortin Fitness Center is equipped with several workout areas including: a cardio room, free weight room, racquet- ball and squash courts, heated pool, and indoor track. If working out alone isn’t your style, there are exercise classes available as well. The classes range from water wellness to yoga-pilates, and resistance training to step aero- bics. Check out or call the Fortin Fitness Center front desk (406-657-1035) to learn more about classes and times.

3. Stay Connected

Staying connected with family and friends is important! This can be accomplished several ways. Group text messages are a student’s alltime fa- vorite. Start a group message with your high school buddies or family. This is an awesome option when trying to keep multiple people updated. Snap a selfie of yourself before a dread- ed algebra class, or send a video of how you redecorated your dorm room. Do a Skype date or FaceTime to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. An old school way to stay in touch is snail mail. Care packages and handwritten letters are so much fun to receive, why not send a letter to your parents or grandparents?

Homesickness is incredibly common. Remember you are not alone. You have resources right here on RMC campus to sup- port you. If you feel you need additional help, contact Cynthia Hutchinson at or 406-657-1049.


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