Tips and Tricks to Get Your Dorm Ready for the Holidays

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By: Michaela Shifley –

Although a lot of Rocky students make the trek home during the three- week long Winter Break, there is no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy a little of the holiday spirit while we are still on campus. In those rare breaks between studying for final exams and “studying” for final exams, here are a few tips and tricks for brightening up your space for the winter season:
1) Light It Up
Probably one of the most affordable solutions to cheering up your dorm space this season is to add some festive lighting! With a few tacks and a couple of strands of lights (only $2.50 at WalMart!), you can immediately turn a drab room into a fab room! Plus, you can leave them up all semester for décor that is unique and fun.
2) Mistletoe
Kissing has been proven to relieve stress and burn calories. Need I say more? 3)Get Crafty
There are some amazing things that a college kid can do with paper and scissors. If you’re feeling crafty, make some paper snowflakes to sprinkle around your room. If you have string and tape, you can even hang them from the ceiling to create your own Winter Wonderland.
4) Window Gels
When you’re out and about town, make a quick stop by any department store and pick up some cheap window clings. Not only do they add a nice touch to your winter decoration collection, they will also put a smile on the faces of students passing by.
5) Jingle Bells
If you are really into the holiday spirit (and possibly hate your roommate), stock up on some sleigh bells to hang on your door, your bed, or your closet! The constant jangling sounds will signal to all your fellow mates how cheerfu ly merry you are!
6)Smell It In The Air
Although candles are not allowed in dorm rooms on campus, it is still possible to make your room smell deliciously scrumptious. Grab some pine-scented air fresheners and spread them throughout your room – not only will this remind you of the refreshing winter air, it will also get rid of the stale pizza smell you know you have.
7) Wrap It
What is one of the best parts of the holidays? That’s right – wrapping paper! Buy some big roles of wrapping paper to add some temporary, festive wallpaper for your dorm walls or door. Or, you can wrap a couple of presents for yourself and put them under your bed – this will be a great motivator to do well on finals! One present for every test you pass!


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