Top 5 Distractions While Studying

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By: Nancy White –

As finals week is drawing near, it might be difficult to shift into the “Study Mode” mentality, especially if you’re like me and have the attention span of a dead ferret. But, in order to help out, here’s a list of distractions you probably shouldn’t have around you while trying to study:
1) Netflix
I know, I know. This one seems obvious. But what isn’t obvious is the slippery-slope Netflix will lead you down. First, you’re trying to study, and realize that it’s too quiet. Not really feeling music, you turn to Netflix for some background noise. From browsing for the perfect show that absolutely will not distract you because you’re studying, to actually trying to tune it out once it starts, you need to face it. Once you turn to Netflix, there’s no studying that’s happening. It’s now just a marathon-binge of Parks and Recreation fueled by self-hatred and procrastination.
2) Friendly People
Friendly people are the worst, because they are nice and nobody realizes that they create a time-drain disguised as friendship and camaraderie. Unless you’re studying with friends who are in the same class as you, separate your-self from friendly people. In fact, don’t study with friends at all. The group will start out strong, but eventually wears away into Googling random facts about the Saturday Night Live cast from 1998. (Whatever happened to Dana Carvey, anyways?)
3) Pets
This one is more for people who happen to live off-campus. But because they are a distraction, pets need to be on this list. It really is a no-brainer. What’s better: studying some concept for a Gen-Ed class, or playing with an adorable puppy? Cats are even worse, they don’t care what you’re doing. If your laptop is open, a cat will come and sit on your keyboard. If you type it, they will come.
4) Phones
Phones are one of society’s greatest achievements, but they are also a cause for the short-attention span that people suffer from. It starts out innocently enough: you get a text message, you need to check your Instagram/Twitter/ Facebook/Tumblr, someone just updated their SnapChat story, which reminds you that there’s a new level of Candy Crush that needs to be played, etc., and before you know it, three hours have gone by and you haven’t even gone over the second page of your notes. It isn’t all bad, though. I heard Siri knows how to do calculus.
5) Your Bed
You know how the saying goes: Don’t eat where you sleep. The same applies to studying. A bed is a dangerous place to work, especially in the wee hours of the morning. All-nighters are already not recommended by those who know what they’re talking about, but studying in your bed is playing with fire. Your brain knows that you really need to hurry up and memorize everything, but your body recognizes your mattress and pulls a Pavlov’s dog on you. It will only get harder the longer you fight it, and soon enough that 15-minute nap/break turns into 7 hours of sleep. Good for your body, bad for your grades, my friends.

Well, despite all of these distractions that can be present in the studyzone, you should be fine. Good luck during finals!


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