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Page-2-Image-7By: Richard Leeds –

What is the definition of procrastination? I’ll tell you later. I know that’s an old joke, and I’m sorry. I’ll think up a better one – eventually.

Procrastination can easily become a college student’s biggest enemy. With a world of distractions out there, including websites specifically dedicated to aiding in procrastination, it becomes increasingly easy to put off what must be done until the absolute last minute.

Take me for example. This column should have been written two weeks ago. But as I kept thinking up other activities I could be doing instead, the proverbial “last minute” began approaching at an alarming rate. So now here I am, hastily putting this column together after pushing back my deadline to the brink of non-existence.

“What’s the big deal?” my fellow procrastinators are asking. “You got it done, didn’t you?” Well, yes, I did. But there was a great deal of stress involved. While I could have put this all together much earlier, I didn’t. Now I’m using what could have been a nice, relaxing break to write instead.

Indulging in this terrible habit doesn’t affect only me. Did you notice that the picture accompanying this column seems a little odd? Like it doesn’t belong? That’s because it doesn’t. While our layout editor was waiting with the patience of a kindergarten teacher on free ice cream day for me to complete my writing, she asked what the column would be about so that she could gather pictures. This column was originally going to be about destroying the common cold (which I still maintain would be one of the best things to happen since they started slicing bread). But since I turned this in so late, I can’t fully expect her to go even farther out of her way to find new pictures for it. I have made my bed (or I will later, anyway) and now I must lay in it.

There are always a world of excuses accompanying any sort of procrastination. I can honestly say that with everything I had going on this last week that I did not have time to sit down and write. I barely had time to sleep. The only problem with this excuse? I had three weeks to get a column written. Three weeks! There is no good reason for me to be throwing this together at the last minute, when I could have thrown it together two weeks ago and been done with it.

Aside from eradicating the common cold (think of the money we’d save on cough drops), eliminating procrastination from our lives would make the world run much more smoothly. In the meantime, I suppose I should get started on my literature paper since it’s due tomorrow. But I think I’ll check Facebook first. Then I’ll start writing that paper. What could go wrong?


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