Word on the Street – What Do You Think?

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Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-062Question: What do you think of the new SUB Starbucks?

Wyatt Rodenbough (Sophomore, Aviation)

“I really like it. I think the coffee is amazing. I wish there was more of a food selection though. The people that work there are really helpful and nice.”

Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-059Eryn Ellis (Freshman, Undeclared)

“I wish it was something you didn’t have to pay five dollars a cup for. Maybe Starbucks could give a student discount. Why aren’t the cups actual sized Starbucks cups? I think it would be more beneficial to have a Jamba Juice.”

Paige Tanaka (Junior, Biology)

“They need the grill plus Starbucks. They need the awesome french fries back. I do like all of the new furniture.”

Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-061Madi Young (Senior, Elementary Ed.)

“Bring the food back.”

Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-058Anne Glines – (Senior, Computer Science)

“I really miss the hot food and the sub sandwiches. I’m mostly not a big fan of Starbucks coffee. I do like the new furniture. The people are also really great.”

Issue_5_11_17_15_Updated-060Marian Green (Bookstore Boss)

“I want the food back. I miss my scrambled eggs in the morning and my fresh six inch subs. I miss the action in there. I do love the renovations and I love the people that serve us.”

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