2021 Billings Municipal Election Results by Mette Fears

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2021 Municipal Election PhotoOn Nov. 2, the City of Billings elected 5 new City Councilors, approved a public safety Mill Levy, and voted to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana inside the city limits. 

These newly elected City Councillors will serve until 2025: Ward 1 Ed Gulick; Ward 2 Jennifer Owen; Ward 3 Denise Joy; Ward 4 Daniel Tidswell; Ward 5 Tom Rupsis.

The public safety mill levy will put $7.1 million into fire, police, code enforcement, municipal court, substance abuse services, mental health services, municipal court, and additional public safety expenses. This mill-levy will raise property taxes by about $45.90 per $100,000 value of your property.

Adult-use recreational marijuana has been prohibited from sale within city limits. These facilities will be allowed to operate outside city limits, but still within Yellowstone County. These facilities will be required to follow all state guidelines with the earliest possible date of operation in 2022. 

Additionally, Yellowstone County voted to tax both non-medical and medical marijuana sales at an additional 3% from what is taxed at the state level. 

Voter turnout was sizable at 47.73%, which is large for an off-year election. 
More detailed results can be found on the Yellowstone County Elections website.

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