Assistance for RMC Bears in Need by Tressa Nopper

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RMC's bear covering up for COVID Photo courtesy of Oliver Walker

RMC’s bear covering up for COVID
Photo courtesy of Oliver Walker

Has there ever been a time when you went to bed a little hungry because you could not afford to buy food after purchasing an expensive textbook or homework code required to complete your assignments? Have you ever tried to not drive your car because the low fuel light was on, and you could not afford $20.00 for gas? Rocky Mountain College has resources available to help YOU.

Most Rocky students have seen Rev. Kim Woeste around campus.
Some RMC students know her only as the cookie or snack lady who may try to catch your eye and invite you to take a snack on Mondays. What you should know about Kim is that she is your go-to person if you ever need some help.

Are you hungry and down to your last few packages of Ramen Noodles? Rocky Mountain College has a food pantry, which students can visit up to three times per semester. In the basement of the Bair Center, there are several large cabinets full of student-friendly food options. They are stacked high with peanut butter, canned food, and most importantly, ramen- the kind of items that any college student can turn into a good meal. If three visits to the Bear’s Cupboard per semester fills in the gaps to get you by, that is great, but if you need longer-term assistance with getting something to eat, Kim can help you get in touch with resources in the Billings community to make sure you have enough. Email the Bear’s Cupboard at

If you have had an unexpected expense recently, don’t panic, Kim can help. Rocky offers student Emergency Grants, up to $250.00. These emergency grants are need-based, and have helped RMC students with a variety of situations. As most college students know, unexpected expenses can affect the best-laid plans. Such expenses are why these grants exist. Maybe you need a few more dollars to afford your rent. Perhaps you need to complete an online assignment and do not have reliable internet. Maybe a time comes when you cannot afford to put gas in your car. These grants, and Kim, are here for you.

The CARES act also provides financial assistance to you if you are struggling with money due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Information is available on RMC’s website regarding how to apply for CARES aid.

Kim isn’t the only excellent resource available to RMC students. Shayla Brown, RMC’s experiential education coordinator, is also a person you can reach out to for the same kinds of needs. Shayla also runs Suit Up, which can provide you with interview-appropriate clothing free of charge. Contact Shayla for an appointment.

Need help? Don’t wait.
It is always better to reach out for help sooner than later. Kim says that these resources are here for a reason, and all you have to do is reach out. Some students may feel that their hunger or money problems are not an emergency, but if your ability to succeed in school, or your job, or your mental health are threatened by your circumstances, then please reach out to Kim.

The following are names of other people who provide similar resources on campus: Experiential Education Coordinator RMC’s counselor, email for an appointment.

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