Choir concert 7

Rocky Choir Reconnects With the Magic of A Live Performance Column By Emily Craft of the Summit Staff

One major change separated the Saturday, Sep 25th choral performance from all other performances the previous year. It wasn’t the church it was held in nor was it the songs that were sung that made this concert such a special one. Rather, it was the sea of faces staring back at us in replacement of[…]

"Home" by Kamryn Pitcher created from reprints by works of CM Russel and Andrew Wyeth

Let’s Set the Record Straight on Columbus and Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Column by Kamryn Pitcher of The Summit Staff

Growing up, I was told like many of you, that “He was the one who discovered America.” It took nearly two decades of my life to decipher the Columbus Day myth for what it was: a colonizer’s narrative born out of a stolen country steeped in genocide.  These are strong words, I know, but these[…]

Walking photo 3

Jacob’s Ladder: Midterms? Surviving them? Slim chance. Column By Jacob Wissinger of the Summit Staff

I’ve been through two universities, three years, seven semesters, and too many Midterms to count. Finals are considerably the hardest periods of a student’s tenure in higher education, Midterms, however, are the forgotten hardship. They are the first litmus test as to where you are within a class; they come upon you quickly and subversively.[…]

Billings City Hall

City Council Elections On The Horizon By Mette Fears Of The Summit Staff

The 2021 local elections are just getting started, and for Rocky Mountain College students this means a chance to affect how the Billings community grows.  These City Council members influence the public, secure job growth, help provide affordable housing, work on access to outdoor recreation, and provide public safety funding. With the Rocky Mountain College[…]

Rocky Mountain College's new art director, Todd Forsgren.

Rocky Mountain College’s Gallery Director Todd Forsgren Brings Fresh Perspective to Rocky Art Program By Avi Fox of the Summit Staff

With the retirement of longtime faculty members, Professor Mark Moak and Professor Jim Baken, the Rocky Mountain College art facilities are under new management as plans are put in place to update the art world at Rocky, a long overdue and tedious task. With a love of ornithology, the study of birds, Professor Todd Forsgren[…]

Artist rendering of final outcome.

Project almost completed on new entryway, sign for Rocky By Tilly Calhoun Of The Summit Staff

Construction can be an annoying reality of life, especially when it becomes a part of our day-to-day life. New students at Rocky Mountain College might not know what the Widenhouse parking lot was like before it was torn up.  Students on campus last year may recall the state of the road and the well-aged speed[…]

Jacob's Ladder: Hello, my name is Jacob Wissinger and welcome to my column Jacob's Ladder. I'm a junior, I enjoy writing (evident), remaining present and aware, and fruit. I'm from Atlanta GA most of my writing will be cultural and entertainment based, I'll be sarcastic to a fault and hopeful that you all can enjoy and participate in any and all of what I create. Agree with me? Disagree with me? find me or email me I love the discourse, thank you and enjoy.

Jacob’s Ladder: Twilight is the Best Hate Watch of All-Time By Jacob Wissinger of the Summit Staff

  I’ve been told for years, “Watch this Jacob or watch that Jacob.” I’m a man who trusts his peers, for the most part. Having said this, trustworthy peers show their true taste at the suggestion of “Twilight Saga.” At any point, it’s been a referral that has been met with opposition and disinterest on[…]

Rocky Mountain College’s 1950s Homecoming at Daylis stadium located next to Billings Senior High.

RMC Historical Photo Essay By Sydney Weaver and Jacob Wissinger

Rocky Mountain College’s 2021 Homecoming Weekend will kick off on Friday, Sept 17 with the Clara Klindt Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The alumni being inducted this year consist of Mitch Holst, Dr. Dave Shenton, and Devin Uskoski. Receiving the highest honor the RMC athletics department bestows are the 1998 and 1999, back-to-back Frontier[…]

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The Summit Online: A New Form of Student Journalism by Sydney Weaver

Fall semester 2021 marks the second year of The Summit being completely online, and it has changed the way the staff looks at student newspapers. Suddenly, our articles weren’t confined to specific word counts and formats, we were able to post as much as we wanted when we wanted, and anyone who owned some form[…]