Election and voter services can be found at: https://sosmt.gov/elections/. Photo courtesy of Montana Secretary of State.

2020 Montana General and Primary Elections Overview by Melody Benes

  In today’s digital age it is easy to stay informed on local elections and politics if one chooses to. There are several resources to turn to, including Google and the Montana Secretary of State’s website. A quick Google search pulls up several websites; Ballotpedia, sosmt.gov, Wikipedia, apps.montanafreepress.org, CNN, and several others. This year there[…]

Tips for COVID-19 prevention. Photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

How to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Rocky Student by Megan Logan

It seems redundant to write about the coronavirus, or COVID-19 since it’s flooding everyone’s newsfeeds, but it’s something important and something that is affecting our campus community.  First and foremost, understand that while social distancing sucks, it is incredibly important that you follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation. The longer people ignore[…]

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control.

A Recap of RMC’s COVID-19 Response by Jocelyn Anderson

Rocky Mountain College has been working on campus-wide solutions due to COVID-19. When a pandemic breaks out, it can be hard to know what the best course of action is for an institution. Ultimately, the college should have its students’ best interests in mind, especially when it comes to their health and safety. Here is[…]

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Review cover.

Rocky Mountain Review: 2020 Journal by Sydney Weaver

On Apr. 29, the newest edition of the Rocky Mountain Review is set to release. The Review is a journal that features current Rocky students’ work in five genres: poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art. While all current Rocky students were encouraged to submit to the journal, their work was not guaranteed a spot.[…]

Men's Alpine team First place. From left to right: Luke Allen, Oscar Dalmalm, Alex Sehlberg, Ludvig Bye, Filip Johansson

USCSA 2020 National Champions by Sydney Weaver

Over the 2020 spring break, the Rocky ski team attended the 2020 USCSA National Championships in Lake Placid, NY. The competition started on March 10 and planned to go through March 14. The team competed in seven different events throughout the week, including the men’s and women’s giant slalom, men’s and women’s slalom, men’s and[…]