Making America Bleak Again: Why I’m afraid of Donald Trump, column by Tessa Fraser

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“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” is what Donald Trump said of John McCain at a Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, in July 2015. This man is also currently the top contender for the Republican Presidential nomination. Donald Trump is running with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

He plans to do this through a variety of ways, including defunding Planned Parenthood, cutting the Department of Education and common core policies, cutting the Environmental Protection Agency, building a large wall along the U.S.-Mexico border along with mass deporting Mexican immigrants, and raising trade tariffs on other countries. It is important to note that all of these ideas were gathered from interviews and debates that Trump has done, and are not actual concrete statements from the candidate himself. Even with less than a year to go before the election, he has still failed to release anything that actually states his goals and objectives for being President.

In order for Donald Trump to win the presidential election, he needs to be able to resonate with the young people of our country. However, what is being seen instead is that young people – including college students at RMC – are largely rejecting him. “I don’t have much of an opinion about the rest of the election,” remarked RMC senior Will Bosley, “but I definitely don’t want Donald Trump to be the next person in charge of our country.” Andrhea Massey (‘18) agrees with Bosley’s sentiments. “I don’t like [Trump], but I do think he has the power to win,” she said. “He has a media presence that resonates in people’s minds and could influence people to vote for him, just because they know his name and that he’s running for President.”

It’s easy to see why Donald Trump has made the progress that he has, given his expertise in navigating the media. However, it’s not just biased reporting that is garnering so much support for Trump – it’s also the fact that many people in this country don’t know the issues. “He [Trump] won’t get my vote, but I can’t hate him because he’s not the problem,” said Justan Baker (‘17). “Donald Trump is a product of the problem we have in our country. People don’t show up to the polls informed so they elect insincere politicians.”

There is nothing in the world that scares me more than the idea that Donald Trump could, by this time next year, be the President of the United States. is man speaks ridiculous statements that only serve to ostracize people and gain him media attention. I ardently hope that when it comes time for people to go to the polls and vote, they will vote for anyone but Donald Trump. It’s shocking to think that a man who has single handedly offended women, minorities, the working poor, and anyone who isn’t a millionaire still has a chance to become the Republican candidate.

I’m not just afraid that he will be voted in; I’m afraid that his outdated ideas and blatant disregard for common decency will spread throughout our country. I’m afraid that if we let this man have any sort of power, my right to choose will be gone. I’m afraid that we will turn from a country where diversity is something we can be be proud of, to a country where we have nothing to be proud of. I’m afraid that extremists will be driven to commit more extreme acts. I’m afraid that one day my gender will lose the ground it’s fought hard for. I’m afraid that we will have not learned from history. I’m afraid of Donald Trump’s bad toupee. I’m afraid, and all of you should be, too.

If you as an informed voter want to stand with Donald Trump, then be my guest. However, if he scares you as much as he scares me, then look up the other candidates and find one that you align with and vote for them. The best way to have a country without Donald Trump at its head is to show up and vote for who you think is best.

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