No Ash Donut Dash promotes a tobacco-free campus, feature by Copy Editor Cheyenne Lira

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Issue_11-083During the last year, Rocky Mountain College has made great strides in becoming a tobacco-free campus. Rocky was one of the last schools in the state of Montana to have a tobacco free policy. Even though the policy was met with backlash from students and last year’s ASRMC board voted against the policy, as of July 1, 2016, RMC has been a tobacco-free campus.

One effort that Tobacco-Free RMC made to promote the idea of becoming a tobacco-free campus was hosting a fun run on campus called the No Ash Donut Dash. It was a 3k fun run with the course set-up on campus. Students and faculty that participated received a t-shirt and three glazed donuts from a local bakery. At this event last year students gathered in front of the Bair Family Student Center, the starting point for the marathon. Before the marathon began President Wilmouth spoke and explained the importance of becoming a tobacco-free campus and thanked students and faculty who showed their support by participating in the 3k. President Wilmouth was pleased that students, faculty and staff are continuing to make efforts that help RMC become a healthier campus. Another example of RMC becoming
a healthy campus is the removal of the Beer Garden, which took place this past fall.

RMC’s students Nicole Sparks and Michelle Monger getting ready for the No Ash Donut Dash. Photos courtesy of RMC Rocktivities.

RMC’s students Nicole Sparks and Michelle Monger getting ready for the
No Ash Donut Dash. Photos courtesy of RMC Rocktivities.

The second No Ash Donut Dash was held last Tuesday. However, some changes were made to this year’s race. This year the race increased to a 5k and had a donut station after each lap. Before participants could continue running or walking, they had to stop and eat a donut.

“Back in North Carolina there’s a Krispy Kreme Challenge. People have to eat a donut after every lap. I wanted to bring that concept to Rocky because I thought participants would enjoy the challenge,” stated senior Laura Boulay. Boulay is a Team Leader for student activities and played a major role in planning this year’s Donut Dash.

Sam Kohl is an Area Coordinator for Jorgenson Hall and sits on the task force of Tobacco-Free RMC as a staff member. She explained that role of Tobacco-Free RMC is not to make people quit tobacco consumption. “We don’t want people to think of us as a group who is saying ‘No, you shouldn’t be doing that’. We don’t want to be viewed as knowitalls. Tobacco-Free RMC is here to educate people on the effects of tobacco,” said Kohl. “I hope people viewed the event as another fun initiative that Tobacco-free RMC is making in the community. We really are just here to educate and tell people about the policy and why tobacco usage is harmful to everyone. If people choose to consume tobacco we hope they don’t do it where it can affect other people.”

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