Oregon Baller Turns Battlin’ Bear: Student-athlete profile by Kamryn Pitcher of the Summit Staff

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Twenty-two-year-old basketball star from Portland, N’Dea Flye,  recently shared her aspirations and goals for Rocky’s Women’s basketball team as well as her future. 

Flye is a senior sociology major who has attended Rocky for two years now with her favorite class being Social Stratification. Though she hopes to play basketball overseas, most likely in Europe, she also desires to use her sociology degree to prepare for the Law School Admission Tests (LSATs) which will assist her in gaining her law degree so she may become a defense attorney for prisoners on death row.  As far as her goals for the season are concerned, Flye’s hopes are to make the Dean’s List, graduate, and become a Frontier Conference champion. Flye began playing basketball in the second grade and now finds herself here at Rocky with a team that she described as a “positive and supportive system.” She also mentioned the “great coaching staff” and a family, Rita and Karl, both of whom have created a “home away from home atmosphere” that she can rely on. Flye’s favorite hobbies off the court include  “hiking and collecting writing pens”. Flye also shared some of  her favorites:

  •       Favorite place to play ball? -Outdoor hoops.
  •       Favorite song? -Neighborhood Hero by Lil Durk
  •       Favorite tattoo? -I have 12. Favorite one is my Allen Iverson portrait that says, “I’m not a PG, I’m a killer”
  •       Favorite quote? – “I don’t want to be another Jordan, Magic, or Isaiah. When my career is over, I want to be able to look in the mirror and say ‘I did it my way’.” – Allen Iverson

Last but not least, N’Dea considers her spirit animal to be her dog, Thr3, named in reference to Iverson’s jersey number.

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Photos were taken by The Summit’s Oliver Walker. Check out more of Walker’s photos in our media gallery!


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