Rocky vs Carroll Football Showdown By Emmanuel Brookman of The Summit Staff

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Rocky and Montana Tech lining up - September 2021 Homecoming game

          Rocky and Montana Tech lining up – September 2021 Homecoming game


On Sat. Oct. 23, Rocky Mountain College will play their rivals Carroll College at 1:00 on Herb-Klindt Field. The rivalry between the two teams has been going on for a while now, so, what’s the beef?


Since the early 2000s, Rocky and Carroll have had a heated rivalry as the two major private colleges in Montana. This rivalry stems from growing up and loving Rocky while hating Carroll, or loving Carroll and hating Rocky. Usually, players have to choose between Rocky or Carroll, which brings with it tension including team victories and recruiting new players; chances are if Rocky is recruiting one player, Carroll has tried to get them as well.


Rocky Football Coach Stutzriem commented before the game, “It’s probably the most sought-after game for Rocky year in and year out; sometimes we play them twice…They have great coaches, great players, and it will be a tough game for us, but I think we are ready for it.”


Rocky has played tough games against Carroll in the past but in recent years has come out on top. At the 2016 game, Rocky made a last second touchdown to break a record and defeat Carroll in Helena for the first time in 20 years. In 2018 on the Saints’ home turf, the Battlin’ Bears pulled away with another win over Carroll, defeating them 42-21. 


As the years go on, the rivalry gets bigger and the spirit of competition gets stronger. In an interview with Coach Stutzreim, he mentioned that in the future, both teams hope to have a traveling trophy for the winning team to keep and pass around.


Going into the game, Rocky’s record is 5-1 while Carroll is 3-3. Rocky also holds first in the conference out of teams from Southern and Eastern Oregon, Northern Idaho, and Montana. “We are trying to win a conference championship so every game is important,” Stutzreim commented. Defeating Carroll wouldn’t only push Rocky closer to the goal of the conference championship but also boost morale for the players and students of Rocky Mountain College.

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