Rocky’s Isaiah Tennell brings passion for football to the Bears By Jacob Wissinger

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Isaiah Tennell is a junior from West Covina, Ca. He is studying psychology and is also on the Rocky Mountain College Football Team. I had the chance to sit down with Tennell and talk about why he came to Rocky and his life since coming here.


Why did you choose to come to Rocky?


I chose to come to Rocky because I thought that coming here would not only be good to play the sport I love but also better my education, and the football team has such a great brotherhood I could not miss the opportunity. 


What do you like about Rocky and your team?


Rocky is a school that is very good at helping students succeed. Having such few people in each class gives it a more personal connection for students and professors. My team is great, not just from the players but the coaches. They are there to take care of each player, especially head coach Stutzriem. He has helped me a lot, not just as a football player, but becoming a better person. 


What are some major differences between here and home?


One major difference from coming from a place like West Covina which is only about 20 minutes from downtown LA, is that Montana just feels slow. Not in just the everyday life things like traffic and just how there’s not much to do but in catching social trends and music trends and fashion trends. I guess the way to put it is that Montana feels like its own tiny world. 


How did you get started in your sport and when?


I started playing football when I was 6  years old and started playing flag football for a Little League called the West Valley Cowboys.


Have you had any (major) injuries or setbacks during your sports career?  


No, I never had any injuries while playing football (knock on wood). I did have a small setback last semester for our spring season. I ended up being ineligible for the season and couldn’t play because I chose not to take school seriously my first semester at Rocky, which bit me in the butt. At the end of that semester, I did manage to get a 3.25 GPA and make myself eligible for this fall semester.                                                                 


What’s your favorite class?


My favorite class at Rocky would have to be Psychology and the Law with Jenny Reichert. She teaches this class just so well. 


What are some interests, likes, and dislikes? 

Some big interests I have are music, fashion, and tattoos. I would be tattooed from head to toe if I had the money. I love sushi but not pickles. If I had to pick one thing I have strong feelings against is that my room in Jorg has no door or window. 


What is your Spirit Animal?




Who’re you listening to right now?


Donda – Kanye West also  Call Me If You Get Lost – Tyler the Creator

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