Some Good News by Jocelyn Anderson

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Photo courtesy of Artslandia.

Photo courtesy of Artslandia.

Most famous for his role as Jim Halpert in NBC’s “The Office,” Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan,” and Lee Abbott in “A Quiet Place,” John Krasinski has taken on a new and surprising role within the world. Krasinski has become a newscaster, but not like any we have seen before. On March 29, Krasinski uploaded his first video on his own YouTube news channel called Some Good News, or SGN for short. He opens the video explaining how he was curious as to why there isn’t a news show dedicated to purely good news; so, based on that curiosity, he decided to create SGN to not only help people through this pandemic, but to also highlight and showcase the good that is happening within the world. Krasinski has since received 2.21 million subscribers to Some Good News and over 17 million views on his first episode.

His comedic, optimistic, and feel-good take on the news has been capturing the attention of many who desire to hear the good in life over the negative. His “guest-stars,” such as Steve Carrell, Stanley Tucci, Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, and more have an equally inspirational take on news and the world today.

Just one of the things that Krasinski is doing is hosting a virtual graduation for all high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. No matter what everyone’s circumstances might be, he wanted to include everyone who was graduating and wanted to make them feel celebrated. You’ll also find that he hosted a virtual Prom for high schoolers who are missing out on their last dance of the school year.

On his last episode, Krasinski held a virtual potluck, which was light-hearted, fun, and might end up being the new way to have backyard barbecues this spring and summer, depending on how long the quarantine will last. He meets with a variety of people virtually and includes their messages and their own good news. For example, even NASA sent in some good news from the International Space Station. As they said in that episode, “An earth still in crisis is still an earth worth returning to.”

What Krasinski is trying to do is to be a source of positivity throughout a world where only the negatives seem to be highlighted. He points out the great in life and is using his platform to help the world become a more optimistic, open-minded, and open-hearted place.

Tune in to Some Good News to help lift your spirits and help see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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