Thank You RMC by Megan Logan

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Photo by Megan Logan.

Photo by Megan Logan.

Dear professors who made a true difference,

I hope you know who you are, and I hope you really understand the impact you had on my education at Rocky. I know I wasn’t always the best student in terms of attendance or completing assignments, but those of you who cared about me as a person didn’t make me feel bad about my mistakes, and I thank you.
It’s no secret on our campus that I have depression, and I never intended for it to be a secret. You always hear about professors who don’t understand that students have lives outside of the classroom, or professors that couldn’t care less about their students as people.

At Rocky, I was lucky enough to have multiple professors who were understanding about my personal struggles. I would have loved to have thanked each of you in person and hugged you or shook your hand at graduation, but I guess this letter will have to do. Thank you for responding to my emails that I sent at ungodly hours, thank you for letting me make up assignments for the days where I couldn’t get out of bed, thank you for letting me come to office hours for mini lessons, but most importantly thank you for believing in me.

I truly believe that without you as my professors, I wouldn’t have made it through my time in Billings. Whether I would have dropped out of college altogether or just transferred, we’ll never know, and we don’t have to because I made it. It’s because of you that I will be graduating with two degrees from RMC and with a GPA I’m proud of. With everything I have, thank you.

Megan Logan

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